Business rates

Business Rates are a controversial tax on the occupation of commercial premises, usually calculated as roughly half of your business rent and sometimes based on turnover or output. The Valuation Office over-assesses properties nationally up to half of the time and it falls on the private sector to correct the balance.

CPRA Group deliver an innovative and market leading approach designed purely to deal with the complexities and challenges of the new 2017-21 Check, Challenge, Appeal rating system.

The Valuation Office have made it more and more difficult in recent years to appeal and reduce your business rates. In response, CPRA have designed what we believe to be the fastest and most efficient process in the market, to get our clients registered and then proceeding to mitigate your property costs as soon as possible and to the lowest levels achievable.

Our team have an exceptional understanding of all property types within the rating list and our specialist chartered surveyors have a combined experience of over 60 years spanning across several rating lists. We have been very successful in reducing business rates for the majority of property types, specializing in offices, hotels, nurseries, bars, car showrooms and industrial premises.

We charge no upfront fees and are paid purely on success, once we have secured savings on behalf of our clients. Our team manage the whole process from start to finish and furthermore we are always happy to arrange an initial desktop review or meeting at the premises, to find out if the property is over-assessed, free of charge and with no obligation.

If you wish to arrange a meeting or would like to discuss your business rates in more detail with CPRA please give us a call on 020 7770 8000 and we’d be delighted to help. 


CPRA are able to assist with all possible lease events including rent reviews, break clauses, lease expiries, exit strategy, renewals & re-gears, break option guidance as well as valuations and acting as the expert witness.

We act on behalf of both landlords and tenants using our expert market knowledge and negotiation experience to minimize your costs when a lease event arises. It is highly advisable for landlords and tenants to seek expert advice because of the case law and procedures involved and to ensure the best possible outcome.

CPRA Group specializes in commercial rent reviews. For both landlord and tenant we do not charge any base fee and are paid only on success as a small percentage of the total saving in rent. This is quite rare within the industry and means there is virtually no risk to our clients in engaging with a professional lease advisory specialist to advise on their upcoming lease event.

Lease events are all about timing and it is therefore quite important that if you have a lease event you seek advice well in advance. If you would like to discuss a lease event or arrange a visit from one of our lease advisory team to find out if you could save, please call us on 020 7770 8000 and we’d be happy to help on a no obligation, no upfront charge basis.


Many businesses in the UK have been overpaying on their business rates for years, sometimes going back as far as 1995! The billing process and rating in general often makes it almost impossible to calculate retrospectively what should’ve been paid.

CPRA Group have a team of dedicated forensic auditors that are able to calculate historic errors and overpayments and get them refunded back to our clients. These often run into tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds. This is particularly important for businesses with large portfolios or those receiving multiple rate demands.

We use our expert knowledge of rating, the billing authorities (councils) processes for calculating your bills and the relevant legislation to uncover historic miscalculations and unclaimed credits. CPRA are able to do this in a matter of weeks and we do not charge any upfront fees to carry out a historic rating audit. To speak with our business rates auditors, feel free to give us a call on 020 7770 8000 today.


CPRA offers a bespoke and low cost residential and commercial valuation service. We use the most up to date market research and knowledge to give an accurate estimate of your property’s current value and can also forecast the future value helping to maximize profitability and tax efficiency.

For landlords and investors we provide pre-purchase valuation reports as well as quarterly and annual reports covering the portfolio.

For occupiers and individual property owners we provide competitively priced and efficient valuations for accounting, tax planning, sale, purchase and pension efficiency purposes.

If you are interested in a commercial or residential valuation feel free to give CPRA a call on 020 7770 8000 today and we can either provide an instant quote for your property valuation or offer you some initial, free, expert advice on your property.



Any business operating in the UK which owns, occupies or makes improvements to commercial property can benefit from a capital allowances review. The savings are then deducted from either income or corporation tax.

These could be tied up in the actual purchase of a freehold property or made up of items purchased and added to a leasehold property such as electricals, an extension, air conditioning units, embedded features etc.

CPRA Group act for small businesses and individual occupiers through to multi-asset landlords and investors. Our aim as experienced capital allowances specialists and tax advisors is to liaise with our clients and their accountants to find out what has already been claimed in previous years and to then uncover additional embedded capital allowances which otherwise would have been lost. These additional allowances are then claimed on the current tax period or spread across future years.

We have a 100% success rate of claims submitted to the Valuation Office & HMRC and on average we find that at least 70% of our clients have thousands of pounds upwards of embedded capital allowances that they were not aware of. This is particularly important for freeholders or those who’ve had fit-outs or refurbishments carried out in the past few years.

Our Capital Allowances claims are only carried out by experienced, dually qualified chartered surveyors and tax advisors. We also offer further tax advice and tax planning. Our Capital Allowances service is performance based with no administration costs or upfront fees. Our charge is a small percentage of the allowances and CPRA offer a free initial inspection to establish the potential of a claim.

If you would like to know more about our capital allowances service or believe your business could potentially benefit from a capital allowances review please feel free to call us on 020 7770 8000. We’d be happy to assess the property and offer some professional, no obligation advice.


After an initial 3 – 6 month exemption period, properties in England and Wales are liable to pay full business rates until the property is occupied, if left unchallenged.

CPRA Group’s empty rates specialists employ a variety of empty rates mitigation strategies to minimize the costs whilst a property is vacant or partially vacant.

We act on behalf of developers, landlords and occupiers and possess the skills needed to reduce your empty property costs by anything between 10 and 100% depending on circumstances.

We act quickly and efficiently, using current legislation and tax law every step of the way to make sure your empty rates mitigation strategy is effective and lawful.

If you have an empty or part-vacant property in the UK, why not give us a call today on 020 7770 8000 to find out how much you could save.


CPRA Group specialize in the sale of many different asset classes and property types, with additional expertise in high value hotels and guesthouses. Our sales team can provide a free, no obligation property valuation service if you are thinking of selling.

Every seller has different requirements and objectives and at CPRA we pride ourselves on understanding our client’s needs whilst at the same time using our market intelligence and an analytical approach to determine the maximum sale price.

CPRA has an extensive network of contacts including corporate property investors and individual high net worth buyers. If you are interested in selling commercial or residential property feel free to give us a call on 020 7770 8000 to see if we can help.

Lease exit

CPRA are experts in minimizing exit liabilities for occupiers and we also advise landlords.

Our lease exit team can offer lease exit strategy advice, lease break option advice, lease surrenders, Section 18 valuation advice, mediation support, acting as the expert witness in court proceedings or ADR if needed.

The relevant legislation is Section 18 of the Landlord and Tenant Act. Without professional representation we find that typically occupiers will pay far too much in settlements when leaving a property, particularly for high value offices.

Much in the same way if you have an upcoming break clause CPRA can advise and ensure the best possible outcome. Our role is to minimize costs, navigate risks and negotiate on your behalf, freeing up your time to continue running your business.

If you are a landlord or tenant requiring break clause or lease exit advice, feel free to call us on 020 7770 8000 today.


CPRA provide a bespoke, consultative agency service across nearly all property sectors including retail, leisure, offices and industrial.

For landlords we focus on securing the right kind of tenants on good lease terms and businesses that are likely to stay in the property for many years. Our market knowledge and extensive network of contacts means we are well placed to deal with both single buildings and large portfolios.

For occupiers, CPRA prides itself on understanding each client’s individual requirements and offering intelligent and sound advice, so that we can develop the ideal strategy to meet our client’s needs.

Unlike the UK’s biggest firms, we are not in the pockets of any big landlords and will therefore work tenaciously to secure the right property, on the best possible lease terms for our occupier clients. This is the biggest advantage of working with SME property agents and we can deliver the entire agency service from search to completion in a professional and timely manner.

If you are a landlord looking to let a property or an occupier searching for a new property or moving premises, please call our agency team on 020 7770 8000 today and we would be delighted to assist.