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Benefits of Going Electric

September 14, 2021

As more and more electric vehicle models are now being developed by the leading manufacturers, it poses the question, what really are the benefits of going electric? Here we have outlined just a few of the benefits of making the switch from petrol and diesel.

Low Running Costs - In some cities around the UK, local authorities offer free charging for electric vehicles in car parks, meaning free ‘fuel’. Usually free charging points are usually low power and time limited. In general when paying for electric (even at higher prices) you will be averaging 5p per mile as opposed to 14p per mile to run an average petrol car (40mpg).

Low Tax Costs- Most electric vehicles are zero road tax, except models built after April 2017 and costing more than £40,000. For those vehicles a charge of £360 a year is applied until the vehicle is five years old.

Better for our Health- With no exhaust emissions, electric cars mean less pollution and better air quality. Cleaner air means cleaner lungs.

Better for the Planet- Reduced emissions and improved air quality has a substantial impact on the longevity of the planet. Although the process of creating electricity and manufacturing electric cars does cause pollution, many manufacturers are actively working to reduce any emissions by using renewable energy.

Smooth Drive- Electric vehicles in addition to being quiet and reducing noise pollution, also run more smoothly than most fossil fuel powered cars. They also have increased acceleration as electric motors provide full power the moment the accelerator is pressed.

No Congestion Charge- As opposed to fuel cars, zero emission capable vehicles are free from congestion charging and ULEZ charges in London, meaning you can drive around the city-centre for free.

For information on electric vehicle installation costs and energy pricing, please feel free to contact the CPRA Utilities and Electric Vehicle charging installation teams on 020 7770 8000 or email info@cpragroup.com.  

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