CPRA provide a no cost energy procurement service which reduces business running costs, increases energy efficiency and lowers the carbon footprint.

Our service includes an audit of past and current gas and electricity costs to discover any billing errors. The second step involves researching your needs to find the best suppliers for your business. We negotiate the best prices at the right time, constantly analysing the market and switching customers to new deals to achieve savings.

We have relationships with all the major suppliers of utilities and our team manages the entire procurement process on behalf of our clients, including contracts, paperwork and the switching process. We keep our clients up to date with energy price information, market reports and we forward buy energy to safeguard clients from any unexpected increases.

We save our clients time, money and stress by managing their energy procurement. If you are interested in smart metering, green energy, electric vehicle charging points or simply lowering your consumption and saving money please give us a call on
020 7770 8000 or click Contact Us and we will review your current energy plan to find out how much you could save.